ENCHANTE STONES – A world of beautiful enchanting stones !

ENCHANTE  STONES present to you a collection of semi precious and agate stones in the form of jewellery and agate stone metaphysical items. We bring you that selection which will make choosing difficult and prices you are sure to be comfortable with.

In the jewellery category we have a charming collection of Pendants, Necklaces and Bracelets with beautiful stones (both semi precious and agate) and  excellent workmanship. Each piece is carefully selected before we put it up for sale so you get genuine products at genuine prices. We do no want you to be our customer only once – we want you as our customer for life. Not only that – we want you to recommend us to your friends and family who are looking out for real good stone products at fair prices !

For the Reiki lover in the metaphysical category, we have Pendulums, Wands,  Markaba Stars and Arrow Heads made of beautiful agate stones each type having a choice of different shapes, sizes and colours. What separates our products from the others is the high quality of stones combined with skilled craftsmanship. Our products go through numerous expert hands and eyes before they are presented to you.

So welcome to ENCHANTE STONES, pick what you like and if you want something that is not there, tell us want you want and we will make it for you (minimum quantity required) – we surely do not want to lose an important customer like you !



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